BEKA Products Provide Architectural Lighting at Prime Plaza in Gaborone, Botswana

PERLA luminaires mounted on BEKA’s GRP POLES illuminate the pedestrian walkways of the newly built Prime Plaza commercial office development, situated in the heart of Gaborone’s fast growing CBD, where outstanding architecture is the buzz.

Prime Plaza boasts an eco-friendly design with high quality finishes. Modelled after Johannesburg’s ‘Melrose Arch’, Prime Plaza’s office blocks are interspersed with coffee shops, lunch facilities and breakout areas.

A total of 19 PERLA Public Square luminaires on BEKA GRP POLES were installed to illuminate the pedestrian walkways within the Plaza. These products were chosen by the professional team because of their unique aesthetic appeal and green light attributes.

The PERLA luminaire offers an intelligent LED-based lighting system. The use of LEDs permits low height installations (4 metres) under foliage, without generating light that is intrusive for the inhabitants of the building. Depending on the chosen photometry, the PERLA meets the necessary requirements for lighting streets, squares, parks and even roundabouts.

The PERLA’s sober and pure line plays an important aesthetic role both by day and night. By day, the luminaire’s curve allows the sky and the architectural environment to peek through. By night, the LEDs in a circular form give life to a ring of light that floats in the darkness of the city. With the dynamic version, blue LEDs further accentuate this presence.

BEKA is proud of its association with this project and its partnership with Paul Munnik Architect and AR Edwards and Associates.

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