BEKA lights up the Luanda Bay Promenade, Parks and Avenues

 Luanda’s most spectacular feature is probably its horseshoe-shaped mega-bay. It was recently renovated into a promenade with manicured lawns, palm trees, benches and playgrounds. To ensure a quality and attractive lighting solution for what is Angola’s most prestigious project to date, BEKA worked closely with the South African Architects “Pintoroux” and subsequently “Costa Lopes Architects” from Portugal.

The BEKA AMBAR 3, a high-performance compact luminaire, equipped with power change-over unit, was specified and supplied for the roadways, as the architects sought an energy saving solution. To complete the aesthetically pleasing gardens and surrounds of the Luanda Bay Promenade, the BEKA CH Columns were chosen, together with the BEKAMAX on BEKA GRP Poles. The BEKAMAX’s were supplied with different temperature lamps to light up either recreational areas, such as jogging tracks and designated exercise zones, or the more subtlety lit “Chill” areas, as the Angolans like to call them, referring to the areas where refreshment kiosks are situated.

Designed for the people of Luanda to enjoy, the project incorporates running tracks, gym areas and children’s playgrounds with a sprinkle of kiosks to satisfy any thirst or hunger. Its big open areas and lawns beckon to the weary after a long and hot Luanda day. Whether sitting on a bench and soaking in the views or rollerblading on the designated tracks, the Bay Project has something for everyone.

This extensive esplanade, overlooked by the imposing old Portuguese Fort, is destined to become Luanda’s main attraction as residents make use of the facilities and enjoy what is one of the most beautiful city panoramas in Africa.

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