BEKA Lights Up Gauteng Highways

The biggest supply contract of road lighting luminaires in South Africa was awarded to BEKA (Pty) Ltd. This award is for the ambitious project of the South African National Roads Agency Ltd (SANRAL), to improve the existing and future highways in Gauteng with new lighting.

The need for quality lighting has been the basis of the specification which has been commissioned by the NRA (National Road Agency), and was based on:

  • Quality of luminaire hardware
  • Minimum capital cost per km
  • Minimum energy cost per km
  • Minimum maintenance cost per km

BEKA’s ONYX 33 600W was chosen for this ambitious project, which requires the delivery of 6500 luminaires. This represents an order value of over R25 million, and is the biggest order for streetlight luminaires ever awarded in Southern Africa.

The luminaires are installed on 20m masts, which are mounted on the median barriers in the median of the freeway and will cover up to 6 lanes per travel direction.

The ONYX 33 600W is a street light designed by the Schréder Group GIE, of which BEKA is member since 2002. The luminaire consists of an aluminium alloy housing, manufactured of highly corrosion-resistant alloy and a completely sealed optical system.

This system, known as Sealsafe®, was invented by the Schréder Group in 1986, and results in the complete sealing of the lamp within the reflector housing to an IP66 rating. This IP rating ensures that the reflector system is protected against any deterioration as a result of ingress of dirt or moisture.

The ONYX 33 boasts an IP66 lamp compartment and an IP65 gear compartment. Another important aspect is the fact that the luminaire is suitable for ambient temperatures of up to 50ºC. Therefore, the components will never be in danger of overheating.

The ONYX 33 proves that it is the most efficient luminaire for highway applications, when the energy consumption per kilometre of freeway is to be minimised. This is an important consideration in times of energy restraint in Southern Africa.

The luminaire can be supplied in a Power Switch version, which enables the reduction of light output, coupled with reduced energy consumption and extended lamp life.

BEKA is proud to have been able to offer this advanced group product for these prestigious installations in South Africa.

For more information, contact Johann Schleritzko at 011 238 0000 or .