BEKA LEDlume, the Energy Efficient Solution

The future has arrived with BEKA’s launch of the most innovative LED street light luminaire ever developed, known as the BEKA LEDlume. This luminaire embodies all features LED technology provides to make public lighting of roads more energy efficient and, for the operator of lighting networks, maintenance-free! The time has come to say goodbye to the known and familiar light sources in the wattage range of 50W to 150W, since LED’s have now reached a level where their use is technically and economically justified.

The BEKA LEDlume was designed and developed by BEKA in South Africa, taking the specific requirements of the continent into consideration, namely:

  • Light distribution suited for African Roads, in terms of SANS 10098 (particularly suited for Class A3, A4 roads and Class B roads)
  • High reliability, which is providing lifetimes of approximately 50 000 hours, at a 20% LED light depreciation (L80)
  • Available in wattages between 16W and 90W
  • Energy efficiency (reduces energy consumption by up to 50%)
  • Thermally suitable for ambient temperatures of 35°C

Many optional features make it even more energy efficient:

  • It is available in a daylight switch version, which senses, by means of a downward directed sensor, the ambient lighting level and switches the luminaire on or off accordingly. This shall enable the local authorities to keep the supply cables alive at all times
  • A stand-alone incorporated dimmer dims the lighting levels according to the customer’s requirements, resulting in further reduction of energy consumption.
  • The renowned OWLET nightshift Telemanagement module can be added for incorporation into a managed lighting network
  • Secured against theft and vandalism by protecting the access to the luminaire and its pole mounting screws by special coded access screws, which can even lock the luminaire to the pole spigot

In view of South Africa’s corrosive coastline the luminaire body is manufactured of LM6 aluminium alloy, the world’s most corrosion resistant alloy.

This innovative paradigm shift has become possible due to the rapid changes which have taken place in the LED technology, resulting in improvements of its luminous efficacy and at the same time the reduction of costs.

The BEKA LEDlume incorporates the following features:

  • Easy installation allows the mechanical and electrical connection of the luminaire without its expensive and sophisticated luminaire top section. Thereafter the top section is hooked onto the base, closed and secured by two substantial stainless steel latches and secured with a screw.
  • Once the luminaire is reopened it will automatically switch off to provide safe access.
  • To ensure a long service life by preventing dust and water from getting into the optical compartment, BEKA has implemented the LEDSafe® system. This is based on the idea of a completely sealed photometric engine rated to IP66. Protected by tempered glass or polycarbonate, the LEDs and lenses do not come into direct contact with the outside environment. This helps to ensure that performance is preserved over time.
    – In order to ensure that the LEDs and their supporting electronic components are, at African ambient temperatures of 35°C, not exposed to high temperatures, BEKA has applied the following design principles:
    – Thermal separation of the LEDs and the control gear.
    – Providing a short thermal path between the heat source and the outside.
    – Optimising the design of the external heat exchange surface.
    – A temperature sensor placed next to the LEDs avoids accidental overheating, as can happen when the luminaire is operated during daytime.
  • BEKA’s FutureProof concept ensures upward compatibility to newer technologies. This is achieved by designing the luminaire in such a manner to allow on site replacement of the LED engine and its power supply and electronic drivers.

For decades our luminaires have been designed along energy-efficient criteria, which are achieved by means of improving the light efficiency leading to better optics, incorporating the best light source technology, better protection of the light source, using control gears that consume less energy as well as the use of dimming and Telemanagement technologies.

BEKA is confident that LED technology will increase the local content of luminaires, since almost all components (except the LED chip) can be locally manufactured.

The BEKA LEDlume has been designed to provide economic benefits for the utility companies. These benefits are not only applying to the lower energy costs, but to the vastly reduced maintenance costs.

Intelligent design of the BEKA LEDlume makes LED luminaires particularly suitable for the challenging African environments.

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