BEKA LEDlume Exhibited at Hong Kong Lighting Fair

BEKA has participated at the Hong Kong International Lighting Fair, where the BEKA LEDlume was exhibited.

BEKA was overwhelmed by the enthusiastic response from all visitors including lighting engineers from international competitors, who have stated that the BEKA LEDlume’s features are surpassing all renowned competitors in functionality and design.

The following features have been recognised and appreciated:

  • The easy installation, enabled by an incorporated levelling device, easy accessible grub screws and easy wiring. The installation is simplified without the weight of the full luminaire.
  • The easy attachment of the luminaire, followed by a hinging action, closes the luminaire and electrically engages it at the same time. The same feature is relevant for replacing or upgrading the LED engine and power supply as a module, limiting the risk of incorrect installation on-site, making it truly FutureProof and reliable.
  • The optional incorporated, downward facing day-light sensor, which makes old-fashion daylight sensors obsolete.
  • The efficient lenses and photometric performance.
  • The stylish, slim design.

Customers from certain countries appreciated the design features, which make the luminaire theft-proof.

The following information is available:

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