BEKA illuminates bridge linking Mozambique Island to the mainland

The historically significant 3.4km bridge linking the Mozambican mainland and “Ilha de Moçambique”(Mozambique Island), a World Heritage Site, has been illuminated by BEKA.

The BEKAVIA, a high-performance street light, was chosen by the contractor, ACEL, to light up the bridge linking Mozambique Island to the mainland. The luminaire’s lighting performance and high IP rating made this the product of choice. Another important requirement was corrosion resistance, since the luminaires would be installed in an aggressive, salty environment. The BEKAVIA met that requirement as it is manufactured from corrosion resistant LM6. To complete the installation, non-corrosive BEKA GRP Poles were chosen.

In order to create a lighting colour contrast between the main bridge and the approaches with access control, 92 BEKAVIA 70W HPS-T and 16 BEKAVIA 80W MV luminaires were installed respectively. These were all fitted on 5m surface mounted GRP Poles.

Mozambique Island was once an important port for Portuguese East Africa, and where ships en route to India stopped. It was the capital of Mozambique until 1898 when the capital was transferred to Lourenço Marques (Maputo). Efforts by private individuals are being made to preserve this unique heritage.

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