BEKA GRP Poles Installed at La Herradura Beach in Lima, Peru

BEKA Schréder is proud to have provided BEKA GRP poles to accompany the new modern lighting system installation at La Herradura Beach in Lima, Peru, giving the beach a new image and greater security.

A total of 104 BEKAPOLES with ISLA LED luminaires were installed in the parking and access area of La Herradura Beach. These GRP poles and luminaire combinations also feature on the road leading to the beach.

Schréder Peru was in charge of the project, which included the supply, design and installation of luminaires, with the aim of achieving a safe and enjoyable night view. The new lighting accentuates the marine and coastal boardwalk, renewing an urban space that lacked adequate lighting.

Products manufactured from materials specially designed to withstand corrosion, caused by the abundant sea breeze and salt spray in the area, were chosen for the project.

The BEKAPOLE with its corrosion-resistant and maintenance-free features is manufactured through the reliable filament winding method. This method ensures optimum tensile and bending strength in order to meet the stringent requirements of SANS 1749, South Africa’s Standard for GRP Poles. The filament winding process fully utilises the inherent strength of a glass filament, which is higher than that of steel. The poles are finished with a Gel Coat layer to meet the colour requirements of the customers, and to achieve a smooth, colour impregnated finish.

BEKA Schréder is proud to be associated with this prestigious, international project.

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