BEKA founds BEKA LIGHTING (Nigeria) Ltd and establishes an Operation in Lagos

BEKA is proud to announce the formation of the new company, BEKA LIGHTING (Nigeria) Ltd, with its offices and showroom in Lagos.

This is as a result of Nigeria’s economical importance in West Africa. Many developments, coupled with infrastructures in dire need of construction or repair, present important opportunities for BEKA LIGHTING (Nigeria) to provide professional lighting products and support.

Over the last year BEKA products were supplied to important road lighting projects in Abuja, Lagos and Port Harcourt. BEKA’s range of GRP poles and corrosion-resistant luminaires are used in major residential developments in Lagos. Recently-built stadia were equipped with BEKA STADIALUX XP floodlights. In addition, some venues at the FIFA U17 event, which takes place in November in Nigeria, are lit by BEKA stadium floodlights. The local presence of BEKA will make its full technical lighting range even more attractive to use and specify for the professional clients in this emerging economy.

The General Manager of this new operation is Robert Frey, operating out of the Lagos office. Local storage facilities will enable the Nigerian clients to purchase BEKA’s products locally and avoid importing goods in container quantities.

BEKA LIGHTING (Nigeria) is intent on continuing the successful growth path of its mother company, BEKA (Pty) Ltd, by providing the professional service and support that BEKA offers for almost 32 years in Southern Africa.