Before the cameras, and the action, come the lights. Game on!

At BEKA Schréder we’ve always been a little obsessed with sports. Whether it’s a premier league final, or an indoor action cricket match, or a school gymnastics competition, you’ll find us supporting the action from the sidelines with a range of advanced lighting solutions for sports arenas of all shapes, sizes and purposes.

Everyone knows that without the right lights, you can forget about the cameras and the action. Efficient lighting is critical to enjoyable game play, providing excellent visibility and comfort for players and spectators alike.

Dynamic lighting scenarios create fun and inviting spaces for spectators so that they can fully live out their passion for the game. And an interactive lighting network uses sensors, cameras and sound features to help with detecting danger, signaling an emergency and crowd management.

From local club facilities through to large multi-purpose stadia capable of accommodating tens of thousands of spectators, our full scope solutions ensure the action is correctly illuminated while operating with minimum energy. Cutting edge LED luminaires and cost effective control systems generate substantial energy and maintenance savings for a lower cost of ownership.

Here at BEKA Schréder we are passionate about bringing the game to life and ensuring the sustainability of sporting arenas. If you would like to know more about how we can help turn your sports facility into a safe, sustainable and smart environment for players and fans, with significant savings and operational benefits for your managers, get in touch now.

We have started a hashtag #BEKASportsfans. You can use this to share your thoughts on how our solutions could take the stadium experience to the next level. You can also post pictures of yourself in your fan gear or in sports kit, and if you use the hashtag we will pick it up, and you could stand a chance to win two tickets to the Lions vs Bulls Super Rugby game.

What are you waiting for guys? It’s game on!