André Papoular, CEO of the Schréder Group, nominated for Manager of the Year Award by Trends Magazine

Trends magazine, the leading financial and economic business magazine in Belgium, has nominated ten candidates for the best Manager of the Year, an award which is an annual highlight for Belgian politicians and businessmen. Previous winners have included the managers of international groups such as SONACA, Caterpillar, Delhaize and AGC Glass Europe.
André Papoular has successfully steered the Schréder Group through the LED evolution that has completely transformed the lighting industry over the past few years. This nomination is a testament to his managerial skills. The winner will be chosen by magazine readers.

“A good manager knows how to communicate a clear vision with charisma while inspiring and motivating his teams to push the boundaries forward.” remarks André Papoular. As Schréder navigated the dramatic change from luminaires with traditional discharge lamps to LEDs, Mr. Papoular’s clear vision proved to be a key asset for the Schréder Group.

Present in nearly 40 countries worldwide, the Schréder Group, experts in the design and development of outdoor lighting solutions counts Grand Place in Brussels, Champs Elysees in Paris, the Coliseum in Rome, the Square of the Three Powers in Brasilia and the Bund in Shanghai among its many references. Owned by a majority of family shareholders, the company has managed to embrace this major shift in the industry and maintain its leading position in a market with many big players.
After a year of stagnation in 2012, the Schréder Group bounced back with higher results in 2013 and expects a growth of 8% in turnover for 2014.

Mr. Papoular is proud of the transformation that Schréder has undergone, “The mobilisation of all the teams has enabled the Group to become a leading player in the world of the LED lighting, which is rapidly being absorbed by the electronics industry. A clear vision, the commitment of all our employees and the unfaltering support of our shareholders in our strategy and our transformation process has enabled us to adapt to the new dynamics of the market.”

What does the future hold for this innovative group?
“We will continue to innovate with intelligent systems that control the luminaires and the moment they switch on due to human presence. Our customers are looking for social solutions, not just simple luminaires (energy control, well-being, safety…).” explains André Papoular.

About the Schréder Group
Worldwide excellence close to you. Through more than 40 companies worldwide, Schréder is fully committed to providing its customers with complete solutions from design to after-sales services, including light, intelligent control systems, street furniture, finance, security and a lot more smart features.
Schréder’s strong presence in eight segments – Ambiance, Road+Urban, Tunnel, Illumination, Sport, Transit, Industry and Campus – has a significant added value to propose full scope solutions that enhance people’s lives in terms of well-being and safety in the most sustainable way.
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